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Operations 01

This course will teach you how RealityHub deals with operational prospects of any virtual production. You will acquire the knowledge about its different modules that help you to manage routine operational tasks like creating and managing playlists, creating custom UI, actions, and controlling multiple engines remotely.

Fundamentals 101
RealityHub, Reality Hub, Form Builder, Nodegraph Editor, Actions, Playout, Rundown, Form Template, Playlist, Launcher Module, Modules, Properties, Functions, Advance Preview Monitor, APM, Nodegraph and Actions, Operator
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This course will be your first step to learn Real-time Operations with RealityHub. You get to know how this control application helps you to cope with routine operational tasks ranging from launching a virtual set to triggering the graphics from a template during live production.

About RealityHub
RealityHub is a HTML5 based control application that allows you to control Reality Engine and Unreal Engine from your web browser such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, and it requires no additional software installation. By its modular approach and customizable user interface, you can control all the different aspects of your virtual production.

In this course you will learn:

  1. What is RealityHub
  2. RealityHub Modules
    • Playout Module
    • Nodegraph/Actions Module
    • Launcher Module
  3. Advance Preview Monitor (APM)

How to make the most out of this course?

  1. Before starting with the lessons, please make sure you have completed all prerequisite mentioned at the top of this section.
  2. It is advised to follow the lessons in the order in which they are listed.
  3. Watch the complete lessons because sometimes a concept has been broken-down across multiple lessons.
  4. Attempt the quiz at the end to validate the acquired information.
  5. Learning-by-doing is the best approach. Try to implement all the methods, techniques, and workflows practically, when you are following along with the lessons.
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  8. Always check official documentation to grasp more on the topic.


RealityHub Overview
Advanced Preview Monitor
Nodegraph / Action Module
Playout Module
Launcher Module
Rundown Section
Template Form Section

    Duration: 15 Minutes
    Lessons: 7
    Level: Advanced Beginner