Creative Workflow 01

This course is about getting started with creative workflow using Reality Editor. You will learn how to expose some basic data types such as string, color, and texture to control it in RealityHub.

Variables, Functions, Events, Triggers, Texture Input Pin, ZD Components, String, Text, Color Control, Scalar, Texture, Reality Exports, Level Sequencer, ZD Function, Flow Control, Creative, Reality Editor, Blueprints, Artist, Designer
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This kickstart course is for the content creators. The lessons will help you to accumulate the required knowledge to expose the creative controls of a virtual set or graphics such as colors, textures, material parameters, animations and blueprint logic.

About Reality Editor

Reality Editor is the content authoring and startup editor for Reality Engine. It is an extended version of Unreal Editor that allows you to use various Unreal Engine ecosystem components such as UMG, animations, materials, and blueprints. It serves real-time data mechanism into RealityHub. You can expose functions, events and properties into RealityHub and control them in real time during production.

In this course you will learn:

  1. Asset import pipeline
  2. Reality Editor Starter Content
  3. ZD Components
    1. String
    2. Dynamic Material
    3. Dynamic Texture
  4. Blueprints Basics
    1. Data Types / Variables
    2. Functions / Events
    3. ZD Actor
    4. ZD Function
  5. Logic Flow Control
  6. Reality Export Utility
    1. Actors
    2. Textures
  7. Level Sequencer

How to make the most out of this course?

  1. Before starting with the lessons, please make sure you have completed all prerequisite mentioned at the top of this section.
  2. It is advised to follow the lessons in the order in which they are listed.
  3. Watch the complete lessons because sometimes a concept has been broken-down across multiple lessons.
  4. Attempt the quiz at the end to validate the acquired information.
  5. Learning-by-doing is the best approach. Try to implement all the methods, techniques, and workflows practically, when you are following along with the lessons.
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  7. Need more help? Join our thriving Facebook Community.
  8. Always check official documentation to grasp more on the topic.


Exposing Variables and Functions
Reality Actors and Textures Export
Exposing Texture Input Pin
ZD Component Exposing Color Property
ZD Components Exposing Scalar Properties
ZD Component String
Flow Control with System Nodes
ZD Function
Level Sequencer

    Duration: 35 Minutes
    Lessons: 9
    Level: Advanced Beginner